Transitory Sophistication

Project Narrative

While our clients knew their West Los Angeles rental was a transitional, short-term solution, we still believed in creating a luxe-yet-livable home for this young family of 3. The end result was infused with dramatic color, copious amounts of natural light, and abundant art inspiration.


Santa Monica, CA


Minimalist Sleek


Light, Compact, Art


The Sidecar

Everyday Luxury

When you hear the term “luxury,” you likely don’t envision a modest 1300 square foot home. But when you see the photos…they speak for themselves. The airy feel of the bright walls and sunlight, combined with the deep, calm energy of jewel-toned furnishings make this cocktail-inspired apartment feel high-end and worthy of a toast.

Modern Eclectic

Although the apartment was entirely blanketed in beige carpet, the large windows and unexpected design choices create a fresh, lively atmosphere in this compact space. This home is at once densely-detailed and modern-minimalist. It marries the best of both worlds to create a sleek, eclectic, elevated vibe suited to the colorful personalities of our clients.

Relaxing Retreat

Tropical Dreams

The home wouldn’t be complete without a place for the youngest member of the household, a 2-year old girl, to rest her head at night. The clients wanted something fun and playful, that would excite and inspire her creativity. This tropical oasis checks all the boxes without sacrificing utility.

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