Professional Chic Startup

Project Narrative

This tech company, which serves women in the health and wellness space, came to us seeking an office overhaul that would reflect their brand image, warmly welcome clients, and elevate the workplace aesthetic. We came up with a design that was both posh and playful, a perfect combination of the attributes of this brand’s chic ambassadors.


Santa Monica, CA


Elevated Ambiance


Conference Room Decor


Cucumber Basil Gimlet

Welcoming Workspace

Choosing to forego the traditional reception area, we installed a living room style entry for client meet and greets. A play of masculine and feminine elements elevate the space while maintaining an inviting ambiance for all who enter. The “brag wall,” constructed of funky cabinetry, provides subtle proof of the company’s success without self-indulgence. And what office would be complete without a desk that doubles as a bar? Exactly.

Playfully Professional

As soon as you step foot inside the conference room and see the scarlet-legged chairs that sit atop an oversized area rug in the company’s colors, you know it’s time for business. Wooden tones, floor-to-ceiling greenery, and geometric wallpaper inspire creativity and invite employees to immerse themselves gloriously in their work. Professional elements with a twist of playfulness are carefully blended to create the perfect cocktail of workplace chic.

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