Why Rugs are the Like the Sexy Pumps of the Interior Design World

Imagine this… you’ve just pulled up to a red carpet event. All eyes are on you as you make your way out of your luxury vehicle. The lights are perfectly catching your glimmering jewelry. That show-stopping Oscar de la Renta gown effortlessly hugs your curves in all the right places. Then, finally, you reach your foot out to take the first step onto the red carpet…and you’re barefoot?!? Ummm…where are your Manolos? Your Fendis? Your Louboutins? That can’t be right…

As you wake to the sound of your alarm, you laugh and remind yourself you would never go to the trouble of selecting a fabulous outfit and then go barefoot. Want to know a secret?

Neither should your home. You can think of your home exactly like a well-put-together outfit. Just as a stunning dress isn’t runway ready without the right heels, a room feels incomplete without a beautiful rug. 

Today, I want to share why rugs are an essential investment and how to select the best one for your space. My mind is still brimming with ideas from the collection of gorgeous rugs I saw at High Point Market, so we’ll use those as inspiration and eye candy. Ready? Let’s dive in…

Rterior-Studio-Interior-Designer-LA-Beverly-Hills-Bold-Eclectic-Colorful-Highpoint-Market-Rugs 2Maker: Jaipur Living

The Importance of Investing in a Rug for Your Space

In case you’re not already convinced, like your Manolos, rugs serve many purposes beyond “completing the ensemble.” They play an essential role in the foundation and overall design of a space, and your comfort, too. Without them, our rooms would lack cohesiveness and definition. 

Besides that, rugs help infuse the two things I LOVE most about design…color and fun! Afterall, who wants to live in a dull, undefined, lifeless space? No one. Rugs can inspire the whole color palette while simultaneously dressing otherwise bare feet, I mean floors, with beautiful and stunning art. 

Dripping with lush texture, bold colors, and exquisite detail, rugs are precisely what is needed to change a boring situation into the most intriguing one. They can make a room feel warmer, cozier, more luxurious, you name it. 

But when it comes to selecting the perfect rug for your unique space and situation, there are sooo many design options that it can be difficult to know what to choose. Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. Here are a few things that should be at the top of the list when selecting a rug…

Maker: Jaipur Living

4 Things to Keep in Mind when Selecting a Drop-Dead Gorgeous Rug

1. Establish Your Overall Design Style

Before selecting a rug, it’s fundamental to evaluate its relationship with your space. For example, if you are surrounded by beautiful, neutral furniture, it’s time to go bold or go home! On the other hand, if your room is full of saturated color and statement pieces, opt for a more neutral rug or understated rug to effortlessly bring the room together. 


Maker: Edward Fields

2. Realistically Determine Your Needs and Budget

There is a vast range of price points when it comes to rugs. Of course, you want to purchase a rug that will last for years to come, but it’s also important to be realistic. If you have small children, consider waiting to drop $10k on that rug because, let’s face it — you’ll be swapping it out in about 2 years regardless. (You wouldn’t hike in your Manolos, would you??) Lucky for you, it’s my job to work with my clients’ price points and make sure we’re investing in the areas where it will make the most sense and visual impact.


Maker: Rowe Furniture

3. Consider Pile Height

Determining the rug’s pile height (“thickness” in everyday terms) is an important aspect that you don’t want to miss. In general, the higher the pile, the more luxurious and cozy the rug will feel to your toes and to your eyes. The lower the pile, the more modern and streamlined it will feel. However, that’s not the only consideration… 

If you’re selecting a rug that will be under a door that opens and closes, consider choosing a smaller pile so as not to interfere with function. Who likes it when they can’t open their door because the rug is too thick?? Nope, not me. Bonus Tip: Add a rug pad underneath your rug for extra plushness and protection for your flooring.


Maker: Rowe Furniture

  1. Select the Right Scale

And now for the burning question when it comes to rugs…how do I select the right size rug?! If you’re doing this on your own, this post shows a great overview of proper rug dimensions. If you’re working with us, don’t sweat it. We will pick the perfect scale for your space. 

P.S. Realizing your existing rug is too small? Layer it! By adding a larger, thin pile rug underneath a too-small rug, it not only replaces the missing square footage, it creates added texture and depth. It’ll look like you intended it that way all along. 😉


Maker: Edward Fields

By now, you’re probably ready to infuse your space with saturated colors, sumptuous textures, and palatial style that’s impossible to beat, am I right?! (And maybe head to Neiman Marcus…)

If you’ve convinced yourself that it’s time for an upgrade, we can source the perfect furniture and accessories to make the profound impact your space deserves. Starting at the renovation or new build phase? Even better—the world is our oyster. Reach out here + let’s chat about making your space personal and unforgettable.


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