Sneak Peek: Brilliant and Alluring San Francisco Family-Friendly Home

You’ve seen them around town, effortlessly toting their well-rounded toddler to all the latest and greatest meaningful experiences. They work in the booming tech industry, and attending Burning Man is one of their favorite activities. Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise, since our clients are often known to be quite creative themselves. 

It’s easy to see that this couple is laid back, intriguing, and always desires meaningful connection and adventure…and today, you’ll get an inside look at how their home transformation will convey those same feelings. 

Steel yourself for bold colors, deeply calming energy, and earthy vibes that make this San Francisco home as perfect of a fit for a young family as for memorable gatherings with their favorite minds. With a design that is anything but boring, this was one of those extraordinary dream projects that I was so honored to be a part of! Are you ready to be inspired?!

Meet a Lively & Creative Family-Friendly Home


I love to design a space that reflects personality, and that’s exactly what we did with this project. By thoughtfully adding personal touches, I was able to infuse style and function into this family’s home while making their personality shine through every square inch. 

I was tasked with furnishing alllll of the major areas of their home, and no space was left untouched! For the sake of surprise and an element of suspense, I’m only sharing two of the redesigned spaces in this family-friendly home with you today. I’ll save the rest for the full reveal once the project is complete. It’ll be worth the wait…trust me. 😉

The Family Room: Deep & Dramatic or Light & Earthy?

Family Room Option 1

Since my clients wanted to keep their space luxurious yet child-friendly, it was essential to select a color palette that reflected both. Soft and playful yet refined and glamorous. Whenever kids are involved, storage and practicality are both critical factors. I was careful to select pieces that were modern and edgy but also artfully approachable, perfectly fitting the family’s needs.

After presenting several mood boards, the final decision came down to two. What do they both have in common? Earth-toned colors, opulent fabrics, and a warm, welcoming vibe. In the first option, a deep emerald velvet sofa is the focal point, creating a perfect contrast between the pops of blush, ocher, and teal sprinkled throughout the space.

Family Room Option 2

In the second option, we proposed hues of soft blue instead of deep emerald. The rust-colored couch is cozy, inviting, and provides that refined luxury that our clients desire while keeping the space warm. Decorative pillows and modern furnishings acknowledge the artistically playful side, lightening up the space and infusing it with fun.

Bedroom: Luxurious & Retro or Naturally Sophisticated?

Bedroom Option 1

Ahhh…doesn’t this design instantly inspire feelings of relaxation? Keeping with the earthy vibes of the family room, I continued with pops of soft blue and olive green. The combination of deep gray walls, smooth curves, luxuriously soft textures, and compelling art brings a sense of peace and calm to the ending of any long day. The dresser and nightstand invite in a slightly retro feel for added intrigue.

Bedroom Option 2

In the second design option, I traded the retro nightstand for a sumptuous marble finish and brought in a contemporary and artistic dresser to keep the design intriguing. In this design, natural woods warm up the space, with the striking sable finish on the storage bench creating a splash of drama as it contrasts with the cream-colored furniture. Like Option 1, I kept the bedroom design peaceful, relaxing, and full of rich texture.

How This Family-Friendly Home is All Coming Together…

So now that I’ve teased you with some of the beautiful and creative plans for this dream space, you’re probably anxious to see the rest and wondering…how much longer do I have to wait!? Well, we’re still (impatiently) waiting for the products to arrive for final install. Shipping delays and extensive lead times have been out of our hands, but we know they’re coming soon…and I’ll be right here to share the final reveal of this alluring, family-friendly home with you when they do!

In the meantime, if you’re ready to begin your own home transformation, reach out to me here. It would be an honor to tell your story with a captivating home design that is uniquely personal to you.