Interior Design Styles to Watch in 2022

Back in September, I shared some exciting news — that I would be circuiting this fall’s High Point Market with the Design Influencers Tour! Now, I’m back from the event and even more excited to share what I found. Of course, this was the opportune time for a total computer meltdown (thanks, technology!), a trip to Apple’s Genius Bar, and a hopefully not-too-suspenseful wait for you. Fear not, all is well and I have 5 up-and-coming design styles and makers to share with you today.

Come take a look…

1. Bouclé Fabric

boucle design styleI saw a ton of bouclé fabric at High Point Market! In case bouclé is a new material for you, it’s sort of soft and nubbly, which adds a cozy texture to a room while still keeping a sleek shape. I saw bouclé used in a variety of different styles and variations — as sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, etc. — and in nearly every vendor’s showroom. Would I use it in a design? Depending on the client, I just might!

Makers from left to right: Hooker Furniture, Cisco Home, and Norwalk Furniture in Crypton Fabric

2. Stone in Furniture

stone furniture

If you know me, you know I love the look of natural stone in a room. It adds instant luxury and sophistication, not to mention that most stone is pretty durable. So you can imagine my delight when I saw pieces like these throughout the designer showrooms! I love these marble coffee tables with wood elements and the marble side table with a resin exterior. The texture is diving, am I right??

Makers from left to right: Universal Furniture, Stickley, and Hooker Furniture 

3. Curves in All the Right Places

curvy fruniture and lighting

Although modern style is by no means taking a back seat in the upcoming year, it’s also safe to say that the industry is really loving curves these days. I saw lots of sleek curvy furniture — sofas, accent chairs, even lighting. To me, there was a hint of European style in the sleek designs, both in oversized and smaller scale pieces. If you ask me, these clean curves make a home feel warm and safe (which is what we all want these days!), while maintaining crisp edges that feel fresh and current.

Makers: Hubbardton Forge (left) and Hooker Furniture (center and right)

4. Family-Friendly & Fashionable

family friendly furnishings

For the first time in maybe ever, ALL upholstery vendors talked about kid- and pet-friendly fabrics and customizations. It is very clear that this is a demand we can attribute to the pandemic! From Crypton fabrics (stain-proof!) to long-lasting outdoor furniture to the highest quality, most durable mattress out there, having a home that supports everyday life has become a non-negotiable — and it’s beautiful, too!

Makers from left to right: Norwalk Furniture in Crypton Fabric, Lloyd Flanders, and Shifman Mattresses.

how crypton fabric worksP.S. Don’t believe that Crypton fabric can resist dirt and stains? Here’s proof!

5. A Focus on the Home Office

home office essentials

Like family-friendly design, the home office also saw a lot of attention at this year’s market. I saw large desks in modern styles, consoles and chairs for smaller office areas, and of course, plenty of sideboards and credenzas, which are perfect for home office storage that doesn’t resemble a cubicle. Yes, please!!

Makers from left to right: Stickley, Rowe Furniture, and Universal Furniture

Well, that’s it for now, but next week, I’ll be sharing another BIG design theme from High Point Market and one worthy of standing on its own… COLOR. See you then!


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