The 70s Project

Project Narrative

I was so excited to embark on this interior design project for a dynamic couple—one a movie reviewer, the other an art appraiser. Their shared love for the retro allure of the 70s, with a twist of Palm Springs mid-century vibe, set the stage for a design journey like no other. They wanted a space with moody sophistication and an elevated version of the iconic 70s style. With eclectic tastes in art and a small space to work with, we knew we had to make every inch count, utilizing bold wallpaper to create a striking impact.


Valley Village, CA


Moody + Elevated


Bold Wallpaper, 70s Vibe


Moody Palm Springs


Retro + Cool

In the living room, I used bold geometric wallpaper, setting the stage for a space that felt both retro and refined. Wood tones and muted decor provided a grounding balance to the vibrant hues and textures in the furnishings. The addition of bold, colorful artwork injected personality and depth, resulting in a room that felt moody, elevated, and undeniably cool—a true reflection of the couple’s eclectic tastes.

A Step in Time

Transitioning to the bedroom, I continued the theme of boldness tempered with sophistication. Shades of grays, blacks, and whites served as the foundation, accented by warm wood tones and touches of gold. Soft geometric wallpaper added visual interest without overpowering the space, creating a cool and cozy atmosphere. Vibrant artwork provided a captivating focal point, infusing the room with personality and energy. Overall, the design achieved the perfect balance of boldness and comfort, creating a space where the couple could relax and recharge in style.

Photos by Pablo Enriquez
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