Be the main character in your next unforgettable design experience.

Our suite of high-end design services offers a unique variety of experiences for our clients, from the project itself to a home that resonates with you every day after. Want us to roll up our sleeves and manage all the fine details? Sit back and relax. Prefer to play Bonnie to our Clyde? 

Follow us, and we’ll lead you on an unforgettable ride…


Luxuriate in complete peace of mind with our concierge level service. We’ll orchestrate your entire project, from a design concept inspired by your story and dreams to your home’s final stunning unveiling. 


Get the designer experience and the thrill of bringing it to life yourself. Together, we’ll craft a design concept for your space, one that tells your story and inspires the life you most want to lead.


Need a floor plan, help with furnishings selections, just this, or just that? We’ll tailor your experience to fit precisely what you need via 4-hour blocks of 1-on-1, creative design time.

Every space tells a story.

What's yours?

Let's Discover It

Together, we’ll explore your history…

… your beloved travel destinations and art, and even your favorite craft cocktail or signature perfume. This helps us create spaces that deeply resonate with you — ones that pay glorious homage to your past and inspire your most exceptional future.

- Rydhima
The ultimate experience

Full-Service Interior Design

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Full-Service Interior Design is for those who dream of intriguing, expressive spaces… but whose lives are too full to do it themselves! Whether you’re near our neighborhood in Westside LA, living large on 5th Ave., or ready to add spice to your Parisian flat — our full-service design experience takes care of you.

Sit back, sip a cocktail (or two), and revel in…

  • A drop-dead stunning design concept based on your wants, needs, and aspirations
  • Rock-solid project management, from budgeting to ordering to procurement
  • Our talented and trusted network of contractors, vendors, artisans and craftsmen
  • Flawless execution and a final unveiling to remember
  • A one-of-a-kind, personal space that resonates with you for years to come
Design in Quarantine

Virtual Design Experience

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The designer experience is unforgettable — from feeling fully understood and expressed, to venturing a toe or two out of your comfort zone (where the real magic happens), to having a space that inspires your most exceptional life. But… maybe you want all those great things and you want to manage the project yourself? (I’ll clink glasses to that!)

With our Virtual Design Experience, we guide you to crafting your own dream space. You’ll receive:

  • A drop-dead stunning design concept based on you, your wants, needs, and aspirations
  • Custom floor plan, furnishings layout, and color palette
  • Curated shopping list of furnishings, accessories and decor
  • Gorgeous 3D renderings for easy-to-follow placement and styling
  • A craft cocktail recipe inspired by your space!
It takes a village

Interior Design Consulting

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An interior design project is overflowing with decisions, from the floor plan to the color palette, from materials selections to curating art and decor. If you’re not ready for full-service interior design or a fully-fledged design concept, chances are, you’ll still have questions!

Interior Design Consulting gives you customized access to our depth of expertise, eye for style, and 1-on-1 attention. In up to 4 hours, we can assist you with any or several of the following:

  • Ideas for space plans and furniture layouts
  • Help selecting furnishings, materials, or decor
  • Guidance for budgeting and navigating the project
  • Suggestions for paint colors or wallpaper
  • Art consulting, curating or commissioning (we have art gallery experience)
  • And more… just ask!
What We Do
Design Consultations
Kitchen, Bath, FF&E Selections
Color Consultations
Detailed Design Drawings
Furniture and Fabric Selections
Paint, Finish and Material Selections
Lighting Selection
Custom Millwork & Window Treatments
Art Selection
Project Management
Renovation Construction Coordination
Vignette Styling
Seasonal Decor
Interior Styling
Space Planning
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