Edwardian Beauty: Speakeasy-Inspired Home Office & Luxurious Foyer

Imagine the beautiful feeling of walking into your home and instantly being greeted by a luxurious and effortlessly functional space. It perfectly intersects with your family’s story and enhances your daily life with comfort and unexpected elegance. What could be better?!

Today’s design reveal achieves all of this and more. I’m finally lifting the curtain to reveal a finished renovation I’ve been dying to share. With liveable luxury, function, and entertaining at its core, our team was able to effortlessly layer rich color, global influence, and of course, a touch of fearlessness for a seriously seductive space. Are you ready??

Welcome to the Edwardian Beauty. Come take a look around…

Meet the Adventuresome Family

With a love for fine dining, hiking, traveling, and watersports, you could say our clients (let’s call them Shane and Diana) are a well-rounded and adventurous couple. They both work in the tech industry and had been living in their 1908 San Francisco gem for quite some time when they realized that, although it was brimming with character, it lacked the necessary functionality to support their daily lives. They decided it was the perfect time for a phased renovation, and I couldn’t have agreed more!

Project Goals & Scope

With original floors, molding, and even some lighting, their home already held sooo much juicy character, but along with an older home sometimes comes awkward spaces, am I right? Shane and Diana were having a difficult time discovering their home’s full potential, and I was more than honored to step in and help.

The best things are born out of the need for change, which is precisely what happened during this renovation project. Taking Shane’s love for scotch and Diana’s high-fashion sense, we came up with a plan to transform their space into a functional yet super fashionable luxury home.

In phase one of our renovation project, we were presented with two main tasks. First, creating a liveable yet luxurious drop zone in the foyer, and second, converting one of the main rooms into a speakeasy-inspired home office that could double as a space to entertain guests. So, did I exceed my client’s expectations? You know I outdid myself!!

Reveal: Luxurious Foyer with Functional, Family-Friendly Storage

rterior-studio-sanata-monica-ca-speakeasy-inspired-open-foyer-with-seating-and-storageAhhh, what a perfect space to be greeted on daily homecoming. As you enter through the opulent arched doorway, it’s an effortless task to neatly hang your coat and sink into a luxurious and comfortable velvet accent chair while you slip off your heels.

rterior-studio-bay-area-ca-speakeasy-inspired-foyer-seating-and-end-table-with-artWhat started as a complete design mystery ended in an upscale version of a kid-friendly foyer. Too small to be a formal living room and much too large for a mudroom, our team rose to the occasion and created this functional yet luxurious drop zone to house the everyday essentials. If you ask me, it’s the perfect cocktail of real-life and regal luxury. 

rterior-studio-downtown-la-ca-speakeasy-inspired-foyer-accessories-colorful-pot-statement-lampHand-picked and curated styles came together to create the unexpected elegance and seduction of this magnificent multi-purpose space. By using lively colors and global influence, this area transformed into an elevated, sophisticated, and functional foyer.

Chic & Stylish Storage Solution

With San Francisco’s erratic weather, it’s a necessity to have a functional space to store umbrellas, boots, and jackets, all while keeping it neat and pretty. So when designing this room, I made sure to keep it liveable yet super stylish by selecting closed storage and comfortable seating options. Bonus: This patterned rug is perfect for hiding anything outdoor debris that might sneak indoors on shoes. 😉

Grand Entry à la Downton Abbey

rterior-studio-sanata-monica-ca-speakeasy-inspired-designer-in-decorated-entrywayOn the other end of the room, you will meet the gorgeous staircase with regal Downton Abbey vibes. Walking into this space instantly transports you straight into the early 1900s. Intersecting royalty with luxurious everyday living? Well, it’s safe to say that this grand entry is one of our favorites!

Handsome Gentleman’s Office with a Speakeasy Vibe


Similar to those first few sips of scotch, this handsome speakeasy-inspired home office offers a dignified, seductive, and relaxed vibe that is as fit for hosting an elegant evening as it is for those hard-working days behind the desk. By mixing contemporary sophistication with eclectic luxury, this room instantly came to life.

The result? A comfortable, sumptuous, and attractive space straight from a dramatic scene of The Godfather. Bravo!

Intending to make this the best room in the house, we carefully chose unique pieces while accessorizing and styling. I knew I had to pull inspo from the densely detailed Villon Restaurant after Shane and Diana mentioned how much they loved it there (who doesn’t!?). By pairing the chromatic soft blue walls with bold monochromatic furniture, we created a jaw-dropping and inspiring space.

rterior-studio-downtown-laa-speakeasy-inspired-gentlemans-office-neutral-office-seating-with-pops-of-colorWe chose to keep the furniture and decor mostly neutral and by sprinkling in marble, gold, and bold pops of color, we were able to create the unexpected elegance and seduction of this magnificent multi-purpose space. Ahhh… It just speaks for itself, don’t you think?


Since we weren’t updating the fireplace, we knew we needed to bring in something unique in order to elevate it. The previous bookshelves were not giving off that “wow” factor, and once we replaced them, the addition of the antique mirrors profoundly impacted this space. Brimming with character, the mirrors bring more light into the space while adding personality and fitting perfectly with the Edwardian style of the home. This room transformed into an ahhh-mazing grand office in seconds…and I’m OBSESSED!

And let’s not forget about that fantastic and unexpected punch behind the desk…

While initially, the idea was to find a large piece of art, I’m sooo happy with how this wallpaper turned out. Offering a splash of drama and contrast, it commands your attention in all the best ways. Bringing elegance to the room, the removable wallpaper is the perfect placeholder until Shane and Diana find that show-stopping piece of art that they both love.

rterior-studio-sanata-monica-ca-speakeasy-inspired-gentlemans-office-designer-in-contemporary-elegant-office-spaceAnd we’ve reached the end of our tour. As you can see, design done well can support daily function and tell a captivating and personal story in a space. I’m thrilled that we achieved exactly that for our Edwardian Beauty clients. With a luxuriously relaxed contemporary feel, we were able to blend our design perfectly with the home’s original architecture and bring all the necessary functionality into our client’s space, making their daily living exceptional.

If you’re ready to unlock your home’s potential and tell your unique story, let’s chat. We’d be honored to help in your next design endeavor and build something magical…together!


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