Hi, I’m Rydhima.

I believe that the best things are born out of the need for change, growth, and the need to rebuild. I believe that who I am today is a result of the various changing paths I’ve taken; some unexpected, but all necessary and exciting.

Each incarnation came with experiences and challenges that shaped my philosophy and approach to design.

A philosophy that believes in change and reinvention, integrating elements from the various aspects of ourselves into a mosaic expressed through design.

Here’s to the next incarnation of us all.

- Rydhima

Growing up in Kuwait, my childhood was immersed in breathtaking design & architecture.

My father had uprooted himself from his native India to start his career in construction and finishing materials. From the opulent artwork and fabrics of cultures dating back centuries, to the simple luxury of our own home, I never failed to be fascinated and excited by the feelings that beautiful, creative décor inspired in me.

Then, in 1990, came the Gulf War. We had to leave our home under the cover of night for another country. Returning to Kuwait after the war, I experienced the rebuilding of our home, and the rebirth of a nation. My dad rebuilt his business too, and I fondly recall helping him organize his building materials and sample libraries, always complaining but loving every minute of it. Despite spending those long (and extremely hot) summers, with him what I remember vividly is admiring the textures and colors and figuring out ways to repurpose them, having being bitten by the design bug at an early age.

The next incarnation happened as I uprooted myself.

I  moved to New York to pursue degrees in Business and Finance and a career in Marketing at some corporate heavy-hitters – polar opposites of my youthful interests.

Yet design never left me – even as I experienced the highs and lows of corporate life, I gravitated towards projects with experience and design elements.

The next evolution was gradual but inevitable.

I moved to California, and settled in Los Angeles with my husband and daughter. My nesting turned into me designing our condo, in my image, on a strict budget.

This process helped me develop my aesthetic, which turned out to be luxe and editorial, while being approachable and functional. I had a blast playing with bold colors and unique pieces.

My friends, impressed with the final result, now wanted me to help them design their spaces – some commercial, some residential.

…and I was hooked. I quickly immersed myself in the world of professional design.

Before long, I was designing homes for real clients, receiving features in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Forbes, and House Beautiful, and participating in the Kaleidoscope Project’s designer showhouse. After being named House Beautiful Next Wave Designer in 2022 and works being published in VOGUE Arabia, Luxe, The Wall Street Journal and more..my dream had become my life.

Now, though the road was long and challenging, I have become one of the lucky few who gets to spend all day doing what they love — and I wouldn’t change my path for anything. My experiences have shaped my philosophy and approach to design, and the unique way I look at life is what elevates my clients’ homes beyond a physical space and into a living, breathing experience. So… What’s your story?

A philosophy that believes in change and reinvention, integrating elements from the various aspects of ourselves, into a mosaic expressed through design.

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