Lenox Bed & Breakfast - The Berkshires

Project Narrative

This is the Kaleidoscope Project –  Imagine stepping up to the front door of a historic little inn in the Berkshires. Its charming exterior hints at 18th and 19th century origins, and it sits on 4 acres of beautiful land, which — depending on the season — alternates between lush and green, blooming with wildflowers, glowing with fiery fall hues, or sparkling like a winter wonderland.

Inside its colonial style front door, every room has a different look, a different story, and a different transformation awaiting the guests who appear to soak up its magic. It’s jaw-dropping, soul-soothing, and endlessly inspiring!

My room is called The Empress’s Quarters, and it’s where you go to find, embrace, and release “the empress within.” Yes, within you. This bedroom and bathroom will be where luxury and pampering erase common worries from your mind. It’s where colors and textures inspire you to greatness. It’s where the spirits of royalty past (the Indian queens and Mughal princesses), meets royalty present (YOU, of course!), meets royalty future (yes, there will be a design nod to warrior-princesses Leia and Rey from Star Wars).

In this room, at The Cornell Inn, you are part of a narrative that transcends time, banishes boundaries, and frees the empress within!


Berkshires, MA


Empress’s Quarters


Built in 1800’s


The Peppertini

Unique Architecture

When it comes to designing a room, you always have to consider what’s already there that you will have no choice but to get creative with. In my room’s case, it had not four but FIVE walls! This diagonal wall is small and rather awkwardly positioned, and I knew immediately that the bed would have to go there.
Fortunately, these two bedside windows are precisely placed to add in plenty of natural light. Unfortunately, this room is also the very first room when you enter the inn… meaning that it faces the main road and would need some serious considerations to privacy.
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