Cocktails & Interiors: The Peppertini

You might remember a few months back when I shared my exciting collab with The Kaleidoscope Project. I’m still giddy over the opportunity I was given to intersect my story with the design world! 

This experience allowed me to transport you to my Indian roots… a land filled with princesses, luxury, and of course, really colorful spices. (You knew that, didn’t you?) Spices like saffron, paprika, turmeric, cardamom, clove, black pepper…  each is warm and rich and full-bodied in flavor. 

This was one layer of inspiration behind The Empress’s Quarters, and as you know, I can’t resist pairing cocktails with interiors. Come meet the bold, jewel-toned (and totally Insta-worthy!) cocktail and perfect choice…

The Peppertini

rterior-studio-westside-la-cocktails-and-interiors-peppertini-dring-and-alcohol-bottle-with-garnishesImage Credit

The Peppertini. By combining pepper and citrus, we’re met with a unique blend of sweet meets spicy. You know what they say… opposites attract! If you’re ready to try this cocktail of delicious juxtaposition, grab your ingredients, and let’s shake things up.


1- oz. Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin
oz. pink peppercorn syrup
oz. fresh lemon juice
1- oz. pink grapefruit juice
Pink peppercorns an orange twist for garnishing


Step 1: Pour Jaisalmer Gin, peppercorn syrup, fresh lemon juice, and pink grapefruit into a shaker.

Step 2: Shake and double strain into a pre-chilled coupe glass.

(To make peppercorn syrup: add crushed pink peppercorns to a simple Monin sugar syrup to infuse.)

*Recipe originally found on The Gin Kin

Ahhh… that flavorful first sip feeling. Hints of sweet citrus mixed with spicy peppercorn, an unsuspecting yet perfect match. I can totally envision myself sipping this delicious cocktail in a bold room designed to tell a story.

When I think of spaces inspired by this cocktail, I envision one-of-a-kind rooms with striking color palettes. I picture a healthy dose of statement pieces and a wild side that elicits curiosity. Interiors that are dripping with textures and crafted for royalty. Lucky for you, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite rooms that I think pair flawlessly with this luxurious drink.

#Bestsippedwith: Rooms with Bold Colors and Unique Juxtapositions

This space is nothing short of incredible. The deep emerald hues and the luxurious drapes provide a feeling of royalty. Instead of choosing one large dining table, they opted for two round tables. How brilliant? A perfectly bold and unique juxtaposition, if you ask me. In addition, the statement chandeliers soften and liven up the space adding the perfect amount of personality. 

Just like our citrus and peppercorn cocktail, this room offers bold combinations that you may have never thought to pair together… but they flow seamlessly. 

Image Credit

rterior-studio-westside-la-cocktails-and-interiors-peppertini-electic-living-room-with-muted-color-palette#BestSippedWith: Muted Toned Rooms Doused with Statement Pieces

With a muted color palette and no shortage of statement pieces, this room is screaming eclectic style. Notice how there is so much going on, yet nothing is competing with one another. If this room was a person, she would be turning heads as she struts hot off the runway!

Let’s not forget about the best part of this space…the ceiling. It’s my fav! Eyes are immediately drawn toward the monochromatic geometric lined wallpaper, pairing perfectly with the oversized marble checked coffee table. It’s almost as if they were destined to be together. Like our cocktail of choice, this space is boldly designed, effortlessly sexy, and leaves you wanting more.

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#BestSippedWith: Curiously Wild Spaces with a Touch of the Unexpected

There is something about this space that instantly draws me in. Its unsuspecting decor and eclectic patterns, paired with the deep wall color, immediately evokes curiosity and leaves me wanting to explore. This room has a show-stopping, wild vibe. It’s almost as if it’s giving us permission to live wild and take risks. I can already hear the lively conversation filling this room while guests sip their spicy cocktails.

The traditional-meets-modern crystal and gold chandelier just oozes style. It’s the perfect accent to the traditional architecture of the chairs paired with the contemporary and bold fabric texture. The royal blue branches unsuspectingly tie everything together. Much like our drink of choice, everything in this space is so different yet works together harmoniously. 

Image Credit

rterior-studio-westside-la-cocktails-and-luxurious-interiors-peppertini-charcoal-walls-with-black-and-white-photos-wallpaper-ceiling#BestSippedWith: Moody and Romantic Spaces for Sipping

Just looking at this room makes me want to shake up a hand-crafted cocktail and pour some glasses for a group of my closest friends. Or make an impromptu rendezvous with my husband playing a handsome stranger. There is tons of eye candy in this intimate and sexy space, providing the perfect place to sip slowly and truly enjoy the moment. 

Charcoal walls adorned with statement black-and-white photography set the tone for this moody and romantic space. Like the garnish on a beautiful drink, the luxurious wallpapered ceiling is the statement jewelry of this room. It’s so breathtaking that I could just sit and admire it for hours… and I just might. 😉 

Image Credit

#BestSippedWith: Warm and Inviting Spaces Designed for Royalty

rterior-studio-westside-la-cocktails-and-interiors-peppertini-drink-station-luxurious-seating-vibrant-patternsImage Credit

Last but definitely not least, my personal favorite place to sip a cocktail is the Empress’s Quarters, designed by yours truly! (You knew I couldn’t leave it out!) This is truly a one-of-a-kind space with a mix of bold colors, luxurious textiles, and vibrant patterns. You know me, I love to design a room with cocktails in mind, and this one was no different!

Much like our peppertini, the rust-tones of the lush window treatments and cozy accent chair add a perfect touch of warmth to spice up the space. Paired with the turquoise-toned walls, the pops of warmth give the room a cheerful yet seductive feeling.

The small but inspiring cocktail nook provides needed storage for all the bar essentials with no shortage of style (obviously)! Sensual yet abstract art adorns the walls, blending the calm blue-greens with warm accents. You already know by now that the wallpapered ceiling is my fav! Can you imagine this space without it? It makes the room cozier while tying all the textures together. Ahhh….

Now it’s your turn…

Now that I’ve shown you some unique spaces drenched with unexpected statements and bold personality, you’re probably wondering how you can practically implement these designs into YOUR space, am I right?

So in that spirit, I have put together some of my top picks that are sure to encompass that sweet and spicy feeling the peppertini provides. Each item provides the perfect statement piece to wow you and your guests!

#BestSippedWith: Bar Cart Essentials

  1. rterior-studio-westside-la-cocktails-and-luxurious-interiors-peppertini-design-inspiration-drinkwareThis custom mahogany bar cabinet is adorned with fine brass decorative detail, perfect for a show-stopping statement piece in any home bar while simultaneously providing necessary storage. A unique yet sophisticated piece to level up your bar game! SOURCE
  2. The Trapezi contemporary chandelier is inspired by the idea of a circus trapeze artist giving us all the feels of unexpected and unique style. Hand blown glass paired with bras bars offers flexibility and style all-in-one. You can bet that people will be talking about this one. SOURCE
  3. These slim, refined, and modern coasters are an easy choice when it comes to designing a unique bar space. They are the perfect modern approach to a traditional tabletop accessory and will blend with many a style, eclectic or otherwise. SOURCE
  4. These Czech contemporary cocktail glasses are perfect for everyday use or formal dining settings. It hasn’t been proven, but I’m pretty sure that these unique, handcrafted glasses are sure to make your drinks taste even better. Taste-tester, anyone? 😉 SOURCE

The peppertini — sweet, spicy, and unexpected — shows us that bold opposites can pair beautifully together, providing that extra wow factor we’re searching for, whether in craft cocktails or in interior design.

If you’re ready to shake up your space and create a room crafted for royalty (you) with a bold and unexpected design, let’s chat, my friend. 


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