Cocktails & Interiors: Amaretto Cardamom Cocktail

With the fresh, fall weather approaching, I am ready for all the warm and cozy interior feels this season brings. Sipping beverages by the fire under a comfy faux fur blanket, indulging in delightfully sweet home-baked goodies, and of course, celebrating the holidays with the people I adore. With all of these warm and inviting events in mind, the cocktail I’m sharing today seemed like an obvious choice…

The Amaretto Cardamom Cocktail.

Today’s beverage involves one of my fave Indian spices: cardamom. I just love cardamom! I love it in my chai, and I love it even more in my cocktails. The medley of sweet meets mildly spicy and a subtle earthy flavor perfectly captures the transition into fall. 

If you’re ready to join me, grab your ingredients, and let’s craft this cocktail…

When I came across this recipe from the Cocktail Contessa, I knew I had to give it a try. The result? An irresistible and inviting gold-toned cocktail with sweet and spice and everything nice. 


  • 1.5 oz Irish whisky
  • 1 oz cardamom-infused Amaretto
  • 10 drops Scrappy’s cardamom bitters
  • 1-2 drops rose water


Step 1: Combine whiskey, amaretto, cardamom bitters, rose water, and ice in a mixing glass.

Step 2: Stir for 30 seconds or until well chilled.

Step 3: Strain into a rocks glass with one large cube and garnish as desired.

(To make cardamom-infused amaretto add 10 cardamom pods to 6 ounces of amaretto. Microwave for 45-60 seconds and let steep while it cools to room temperature. Strain before using.)

For a splash of romance, garnish your cocktail with a fresh cardamom pod or a rose petal from your garden. Now take that first sip…

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Ahh-mazing, right? Encompassing all the warming, spicy-sweet flavors that remind you of the fall season, this cocktail invites you right in. I could totally design a whole space around this drink! A space dripping with lush texture and an unexpected punch of colors that remind us of the beauty of glowing leaves changing around us. I picture rooms that are inviting and full of possibility and endless conversation.

Need help envisioning what these rooms would look like? I’ve put together some eye candy for you to enjoy as you slowly savor each delightful sip.

#BestSippedWith: Luxurious Lounge Areas with Warm Golden Hues

rterior-studio-downtown-la-ca-cocktails-and-interiors-amaretto-cardamom-cocktail-formal-living-room-wiht-rich-fall-tonesImage Source

Something about this space just brings a smile to my face. Giving me all the fall vibes, it’s like I can hear the rustling of leaves and smell the warm spice of cardamom. Rich ocher tones mix with a vivid pop of burnt orange and match our cocktail perfectly. It’s as beautiful and majestic as fall foliage.

The dark floors against the bright walls and dramatic sculpture offer the perfect splash of boldness, groundedness, and contrast. Last but not least, the sumptuous velvet texture juxtaposed with the cold, smooth stone creates a warm and seductive feeling that is both mysterious and welcoming, not unlike our drink of choice.

#BestSippedWith: Opulent Bar Areas & a Pinch of Wanderlust

Who said you can’t get inspo from a bar? I can totally see myself recreating a space like this in my own home. It wouldn’t be difficult to settle in for an early evening (or afternoon) cocktail. This opulent space is filled to the brim with eye candy. Bringing the outdoors in with the warmth of natural wood tones mixed with the incredible hand-painted wall mural, this jaw-dropping room is filled with speakeasy wanderlust.

Much like the earthy undertones of cardamom, the juxtaposition of antique gold and gorgeous navy just makes my heart melt. Plush patterned armchairs create a relaxing and comfortable vibe, making it the perfect place to slowly sip a cocktail while enjoying a flirtatious conversation with my husband. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

Image Source

#BestSippedWith: Gorgeous Cocktail Nook with a Relaxing, Feminine Viberterior-studio-santa-monica-ca-cocktails-and-interiors-amaretto-cardamom-coctail-corner-with-lavender-waalls-velvet-chairs-cozy-interior-design

Image Source

Isn’t this space drop-dead GORGEOUS?! It immediately transports me to a post-pandemic parlor, where I’m sitting with a close friend and catching up after waaaay too long…and boy, am I ready for those days!

The soft lavender walls, luxurious velvet chairs and drapery, and warm brass accents invite conversations filled with joyful laughter, unrestrained honesty, and maybe some tears (it’s been a long year, am I right?). This intimate yet feminine nook evokes all the warm and fuzzy feelings through its cozy interior design, just like our amaretto cardamom cocktail. Girls’ night? Yes, please!!!

#BestSippedWith: Seductive and Moody Dining Area

Like a brisk and foggy fall morning, this seductive space is perfect for serving a sweet and spicy cocktail during a pre-holiday dinner party. The picturesque mural on the walls, mixed with the ambiance of the dim lighting, strikes a sexy, mysterious vibe. 

If you ask me, the spice of an amaretto cardamom cocktail would feel like the perfect touch of danger in this delightfully forbidding space. I envision this space filled with couples enjoying light appetizers, hushed conversation, and an abundance of irresistibly naughty beverages.

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Now it’s your turn…

I’ve shown you some welcoming spaces and charming, cozy interior designs that convey the sweet and intimate details of the fall season and the robust flavor of our amaretto cardamom cocktail. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how you can bring this feeling into your own space, am I right?? 

I’ve put together some of my top picks for creating an enchanting, enjoyable, and brilliant bar area in your own home, where you can breathe in those warm and festive fall vibes…

#BestSippedWith: Bar Cart Essentials

  1. rterior-studio-santa-monica-ca-cocktails-and-interiors-amaretto-cardamom-bar-cart-essentials-cozy-interior-designThis chic and sexy bar cabinet is sure to steal the show during cocktail hour. With exotic feather doors, flirty tassel pulls, curved lacquered legs, and chic black and gold interior, it’s the perfect place to store all of your cocktail accessories and would be a fab addition to any bar area or other cozy interior design. SOURCE
  2. This untraditional mortar and pestle isn’t just a tool for grinding herbs and spices. It’s a work of art! With dual purposes, this sculptural statement piece can serve as the perfect statement piece for any table, kitchen, or bar area. SOURCE
  3. Cocktail glasses that make a statement aren’t just an accessory; they are an essential! These unique, hand-crafted Czech Contemporary cocktail glasses are not only luxurious and boast beautiful details, but I’m sure they make your drinks taste better. Care to give my theory a try? 😉 SOURCE
  4. This Vintage Hearthstone Terracotta decanter is no less eye-catching for its clean, simple design. It’s perfectly crafted for any drink you desire… and any first impression you want to make. SOURCE

The perfect fall beverage, the Amaretto Cardamom Cocktail, shows us that warm and welcoming invitations pair best with a seductive sweet side to refresh and delight the soul, whether in creative craft cocktails or cozy interior design.

If you’re ready to shake up your space with a design that serves as a backdrop for beautiful memories with your favorite people, let’s chat. We can, and will, create something jaw-dropping and inspiring…together!


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