What Your Favorite Cocktail Says About Your Interior Design Style

Interiors, like cocktails, must be carefully crafted. From selecting the perfect glassware (or wall color) that sets the luxurious backdrop for the rest of the design, to the final artistic garnish (or home accessory) that enhances the aesthetic experience, every little detail is important.

I recently stumbled upon Crafted Taste and was delighted by their variety of craft cocktail kits. Especially right now, when bars are closed and you’re more likely to be craving your favorite cocktails at home — this is such a wonderful option!

With their kits, you can expand your palate with new concoctions, enjoy your favorites, and even try your hand at mixing. Genius! I LOVE this solution to getting craft cocktails at home!

And speaking of home… whether you’re classic yet contemporary, edgy and eclectic, or traditionally timeless, the cocktails you enjoy and the interiors that catch your eye likely have a lot in common… the same personalities, undertones, flavors, and vibes. The little nuances that set apart your favorite drink are often the same ones that make you feel at home in your space.

In that spirit, I thought I’d pick 5 of Crafted Taste’s cocktail kits and dive into the personality traits and interiors that go with them! Ready to see what your favorite cocktail says about your home decor style? Pull up a seat and let’s dive in…

Are you complex yet classic?Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 7.59.33 PM.png

The Drink: The Old Fashioned

There’s no cocktail more classic than the Old Fashioned, but there is also no cocktail more worthy of experimenting with. The traditional drink alone is well worth sipping on the regular, but the base of whiskey, sugar, and bitters lays the perfect foundation for playful creation as well.

 The Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit allows you to do just that… from essential ingredients to fun mixers, you have everything you need to transform this timeless cocktail into your own unique, signature drink.

Your Persona

If the Old Fashioned is your drink, you are hip and cool, while simultaneously sharp and well-put-together. You take your time to appreciate the complexity of the cocktail and the refinement in every sip. We might find you sitting in a jazz lounge, lingering over conversation, soaking in the atmosphere, living in the moment.

Your Interior Design Match

Think Mad Men meets La La Land. Your ideal home decor is complex, a bit moody, and full of rich textures… like this modernized, gothic-inspired sitting room. Boasting a variety of gray hues, it’s balanced perfectly by metallic bookshelves, dark indigo velvet seating, and an exquisite fur rug. Rich grays and subtle decor are sultry-yet-sophisticated, masculine-yet-cozy, complex-yet-classic. Does this speak your language?

Are You Laid Back and Lively?

The Drink: Mint Julep

mint julep

While traditionally a summer staple, the Mint Julep will help anyone feel those relaxing, sunny vibes all year round. This laid-back drink doesn’t require fancy techniques or curated garnishes…just fresh ingredients, quality bourbon, and a stylish stainless steel cup. (Grab The Mint Julep Cocktail Kit for everything you need to craft this beauty when the mood strikes.)

Your Persona

Mint Julep calling your name? Let me guess… you’re someone who doesn’t take yourself too seriously, right?! You enjoy the depth of bourbon and the playfulness of fresh mint. Your friends would describe you as unconventional and maybe even the life of the party. We might find you out in your Miami-inspired backyard with a fedora, either dancing to salsa music or sitting on a rattan chair, Cuban in hand.

Your Interior Design Match

If you’ve ever traveled to Marrakech, it probably felt like home, didn’t it? Like this stunning outdoor lounge, featuring pops of greens, teals, black and white stripes, and peachy tones. Can you imagine sitting by the pool, surrounded by bold colors and lively patterns, graced by soothing palm leaves and an elegant pendant light overhead? Bliss and a party wrapped in one… and waiting for your arrival!

Are You Sophisticated and Sexy?

The Drink: Aged Manhattan

aged manhattan

The Aged Manhattan is a perfect example of a seemingly simple cocktail that has been elevated by the infusion of barrel-aged spirits, which add a rich and subtle smokiness to the drink while maintaining the smooth sipping quality.

The Aged Manhattan Cocktail Kit allows for a full range of customization, from crafting a Manhattan to sip right away to directions for aging the cocktail, which develops more complex and interesting flavors.

Your Persona

Manhattans, like you, are certainly classic but with a sexy edge. You exist in the same sphere as Martini-drinkers… an alluring realm of sophistication and nuanced simplicity. Whether you take your Manhattan with bourbon or rye, a twist or a cherry garnish, you are a polished, elegant, and a sought-after guest at any high-end affair. Sound about right?

Your Interior Design Match

Like a well-tailored suit or stunning LBD, you feel most comfortable in homes that are distinguished, elevated, and classy. You appreciate luxury, and have no trouble relaxing in textured, bold rooms like this one. The opulence on display in this magnificent sitting room speaks your language.

From the marble-inlaid walls to the geometric granite flooring…from the crystalled chandeliers to the velour custom furniture…from the metallic accent tables to the mile-high tray ceilings…you get the idea. This mind blowing space is sophisticated-yet-sexy, far-from-simple, but perfect for your elaborate and refined tastes.

Are You Polished and Proper?

The Drink: The Scotch Kissscotch kiss

The Scotch Kiss is decadent and creamy…fit for royalty or for gifting to that special someone in your life. The Scotch Kiss Cocktail Kit provides everything you need to try this luxe beverage at home…from scotch to syrups, smoked salt, pineapple juice, and more…this drink is buttoned-up, beautiful, and blissfully delicious.

Your Persona

Any Scotch Kiss drinker is no doubt a fan of Downton Abbey and an admirer of England’s darling, Kate Middleton. You’re prim and proper, valuing relationships, etiquette, and tradition. Yet, you’re also stylish and charming, and some might say, the epitome of modern-day-princess poise. Others look to you for guidance.

Your Interior Design Match

Tradition and elegance are on display in your home (or at least, they should be!). You admire modern takes on luxury design, floral patterns that are subtle and sophisticated, pastel tones to add color to a room, and timeless decor that is as fit for a palace as it is for your living room. Crystals, gilded accents, and ornate architectural details are the design elements of your dreams…

Are You Bold & En Vogue?

The Drink: The Buffalo NegraScreen Shot 2020-09-21 at 8.00.44 PM.png

The Buffalo Negra is sweet and herbal with hints of citrus and a touch of vinegar. This newer cocktail is cool and sure to become a classic, mostly because it breaks every rule in the book. It is as refreshing on a hot day as it is warming on a cold night, making it multifaceted and versatile. (Grab a Buffalo Negra Cocktail Kit to craft this bold beverage in your at-home bar.)

Your Persona

If you’ve already experienced the delicate and delightful flavors of the Buffalo Negra, you’re someone who stays on top of trends. You like to stand out from the crowd and are a regular socialite who makes brunching a lifestyle rather than an event. This spirited drink is fit for an equally dynamic personality, like yours.

Your Interior Design Match

Since Carrie from Sex and the City is your alter ego, you crave spaces that are bold. Rules (in life and in design) have no place in your world, and you love to make a statement. This eclectic yet on-point living room, designed by Kelly Wearstler, calls to you in so many ways.

From the bold patterns to visible textile, the feminine cabinet decor, and the lusciously-upholstered furniture, this city-chic space breaks the rules and creates its own…just like you!

What’s Next?

Crafting the perfect interior for your personality takes time and expertise, but crafting a tasty cocktail doesn’t have to. Shop all these cocktail kits that will establish you as a master mixologist in no time.

And if you’re ready to redesign your home to better reflect your personal vibe, let’s chat. I can’t wait to craft something unique and cocktail-inspired together (drink in hand, of course!).