Show-Stopping, Runway-Ready Statement Lighting

It’s time to get ready for your annual office holiday party, and without an afterthought, you throw on your favorite, effortlessly chic and flawlessly festive crimson dress. It’s stunning, bold, and fits you like a dream…but upon looking in the mirror, you know you need to cap off the drama in style. It’s time to find the perfect accessories to elevate your look.

However, there is still something missing after slipping on your trusted Fendi slingback pumps and the elegant diamond earrings your husband gifted to you. The missing piece? That show-stopping layered crystal necklace that’s been begging for an occasion… ahhh, perfect. There’s not much better than pairing your favorite dress with a show-stopping piece of statement jewelry, am I right?? You know I am!!

Best of all? The right lighting can also influence your mood! If walking around in a perfectly put-together outfit keeps you feeling like a goddess, think about all the feels statement lighting can bring when you see it in your home every single day. Can you think of anything more appealing than coming home from a long day at the office and enjoying a cocktail in a room with a relaxed, sexy vibe? Go ahead… I’ll wait. 😉

Lighting is the jewelry for your home, and just like the perfect accessories, it can transform a simple dress into a gorgeously glam look and your everyday routine into something special. The same is true for lighting in a space. Case in point?

This is the Cornell Inn lobby from The Kaleidoscope Project, designed by Everick Brown. Due to my room’s structural issues, the beautiful sconces and chandelier donated so kindly by Hudson Valley Lighting couldn’t be installed in my room. I think it was kismet, because they look like they were made for this space instead! Like the crown jewel of the space, the chandelier and pendants make this lobby unforgettably luxurious and every guest who walks in immediately feels like royalty. Effortless.

Now that you’re ready to accessorize and stylize your home with statement lighting, here are 3 quick tips on how to do it right…

3 Quick Tips for Selecting Statement Lighting

1 / Enhance the Architecture with Layers of Lighting

rterior-studio-downtown-la-statement-lighting-elements-in-luxury-bedroom-lamps-sconcesPhotography by Frank Francis

Just like your outfit needs the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, and the makeup to feel complete, various lighting elements at different eye levels help bring the room a captivating ambiance. To create successful lighting, it’s important that your eye travels around. Therefore, layering lighting at different levels helps create visual interest and ultimately enhances the architecture, creating an un-freaking-stoppable space!

2 / Artfully Incorporate Statement Chandeliers

rterior-studio-downtown-la-statement-lighting-hudson-valley-lighting-statement-chandelierLighting donated to The Kaleidoscope Project by Hudson Valley Lighting. Interior design by Everick Brown. Photography by Frank Francis. 

Adding a statement chandelier can make a profound impact in the right space. Whether it be entryways with vast ceilings, sophisticated dining spaces, or opulent bar areas, think of a chandelier as another form of art for the room. It creates a sense of importance, uniqueness, and grandeur. I like to use statement chandeliers to set a specific mood, upleveling the vibe of the room and directing the eye dramatically upwards.

3 / Set the Mood with Magical Ambiance

rterior-studio-downtown-la-statement-lighting-hudson-valley-lighting-chandelier-and-sconces-in-living-roomChandelier + sconces donated by Hudson Valley Lighting. Space designed by Everick Brown. Photography by Frank Francis.

Think about the last time you went to a romantic restaurant or bar. Chances are, you didn’t walk into a room as bright as the sun, right? The lighting dictates the mood of a room. To create that relaxing yet sexy feeling you can find in an intimate restaurant or bar, make sure your chandelier, sconces and table lamps come with dimmers, so you can turn down the intensity and set a sultry mood. These give your space a flawless finish, perfect for a romantic evening enjoying good company. Trust me!

Show-Stopping Statement Lighting to Love

Now that I’ve given you all the deets on how to select lighting for your home, I’m pretty sure you’re wondering where you can find versatile and luxurious lighting to create the killer, sexy space of your dreams. Of course, I’ll tell you!

You might remember Hudson Valley Lighting as one of my exclusive sponsors for The Kaleidoscope Project. They were so incredibly generous to donate a variety of their lighting selections. As you can see in the photo above, their designs are timeless and sophisticated with an unexpected touch, the perfect fit for luxury! 

Photography by Frank Francis (right) and Scott Morris (left)

I couldn’t be more grateful for their role in The Kaleidoscope Project, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show them some love by sharing some of my faves from their collection…rterior-studio-downtown-la-statement-lighting-favorite-hudson-valley-lighting-options

  1. This 1960s-inspired statement chandelier instantly commands your attention. Rich gold combined with the dark, boldness of black offers the right amount of eclectic luxury and contemporary sophistication. SOURCE
  2. I’ve been crushing on the captivating design of this modern and sleek table lamp ever since I used it in The Empress’s Quarters. The innovative architecture and the mixture of marble and cream create enough visual interest for this to be a show-stopping piece of art on any side table. SOURCE
  3. This uniquely curved, sophisticated wall sconce adds just the right amount of luxury to any space. Add a show-stopping piece of art and you have a heavenly pairing fit for any style of room. SOURCE
  4. I can’t help but drool over this fresh, modern chandelier. The combination of fun geometry and pure sumptuous details perfectly brings a wow factor to any room. I could see it paired with luxurious furnishings and a sci-fi, Star Wars vibe for some major room envy. SOURCE
  5. The beautiful simplicity of this opal and metal wall sconce just speaks for itself, don’t you think? I envision two of them in a relaxing yet luxurious master suite (or ensuite) providing just the right amount of ambiance for that date night in or a post-work bubble bath. 😉 SOURCE

I am sure by now you’re ready to create a space saturated with the perfect ambiance for your lifestyle and brimming with happiness. I would be honored to help you source the perfect accessories for your space in a way that tells your unique story, manifests a beautiful fantasy, and transforms your life and home for the best. 

So if you’re ready to transform your home into a magical atmosphere, let’s chat. Let’s create something inspiring…together!


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