The Empress’s Quarters: A Bathroom that Transcends Time

Credit: Scott Morris

Do you get ready for your day like royalty? 

I recently shared the sumptuous living spaces in The Empress’s Quarters, the room I designed as part of the Kaleidoscope Project’s designer showhouse, dedicated to illuminating diverse voices, cultures and backgrounds. My vision for this project was to merge history and culture with modern-day living for an experience that transcends time, soothes the senses, and won’t be soon forgotten. 

Today, I’m taking you beyond the bold and cozy bedroom, cocktail bar, and reading nook and into this luxurious ensuite bathroom. If you ever wondered how royalty readies themselves for a day of grandeur — in jewel box form — this is it. 

But first…

It takes a village… and a stylish one, at that!

Like the historic wonders of old, this bathroom would NOT have been possible without the people, AKA our sponsors, who donated their products and time to this inclusive and groundbreaking project. Yes, I do mean groundbreaking — this is the first designer showhouse created by BIPOC designers AND the first to not be torn down after. It will remain for guests to enjoy!

Chief among them was Brizo, who was not only generous in their offerings (which includes ALL of the “shiny” jewelry-like elements in the space, including this stunning Signature Hardware Ceeley Brass Towel Rack… more on this soon) but was a true joy to work with. They did not hesitate to join this incredible cause, and their contributions have made all the difference in an incredible final result!

I hope you will join me in applauding them for their efforts in supporting such an inclusive and incredible cause. Thank you, everyone!! Now, let’s head into this glamorous space…

A Glamorous Journey Through Time

This bijou of a bathroom was designed to be a journey through time, from ancient past to stylish present and even with a touch of funky future. 

First up? You guessed it. It is impossible to miss this hand-painted landscape wallpaper, which not only speaks to an ageless journey but adds a touch of refreshing nature to the space. With the backdrop in place, my next step was to layer in elements of luxury — the hardware, or “jewelry” of the space!

This is where Brizo came in…

Credit: Scott Morris


Credit: Lauren Pressy

The selection process with Brizo was so much fun that I almost could not decide what to pick! They had such a great mix of contemporary, traditional, and transitional designs. In the end, I decided to go with something that felt timeless, balancing traditional elements with modern instincts.

I chose this faucet from the Invari Bath Collection, complete with matching towel bars, and (you’ll see in a bit), the shower head and handle. I love the Edwardian era feel of the faucet shape, elevated for modern-day elegance. Of course, once installed, it turned out exactly how I imagined!


I also love that the Luxe Gold finish isn’t a traditional brass or bright gold — it has a warm and “moody” look to it that perfectly complements the cool color scheme of the bathroom wallpaper and tile, as well as the boldly blue bedroom.

Directly to the left, we have the shower…

Ever seen the inside of the Taj Mahal? It’s all marble. Beautiful, intricate, naturally stunning marble. I wanted the shower to feel equally luxurious and transportative, creating its own “party” if you will. This Brizo Round Grab Bar perfectly complements the brass inlay of the shower tile, adding some warmth and a focal point to the cool stone. 

Step inside and watch your worries, and time, melt away. Alright, let’s take one final look…

rterior-studio-west-hollywood-bathroom-after-transformation-hand-painted-landscape-wallpaper-bathroom-wallsEven the reflection in the mirror looks glamorous! Whether you’re royalty or not in real life, getting ready in this bathroom will change the way you get ready — and the confidence and style you bring to the rest of your day. I guarantee it. 😉

Another big thanks to Brizo and to all the incredible people who helped bring this project to life. You have my eternal gratitude, and I hope that years of guests — future Empresses — will feel the same.

And as for you, dear reader, I hope this big reveal has inspired you to think about your own space. How could you reimagine it for the way you want to live? What unique elements speak to your soul, tell your story, and bring out the absolute best in you?

Let’s talk about it + make some magic together.


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