Sneak Peek: West Hollywood Bachelor Pad Fit for a Creative Genius

You know that guy. The one who is always hosting the best parties. He has no shortage of fantastic one-liners, and he flashes his charming half-smile as he effortlessly livens up the room. His personality is a combination of Tony Stark meets Clark Kent in all the right ways — creative, intelligent, and attractive, yet quirky with a loveable dry sense of humor. 

It’s safe to say he’s living his best bachelor life… but after I share a sneak peek of his sexy home that I am designing, well… he might not be a bachelor for very long. 😉

I love designing a space that tells a story, and this West Hollywood pad was no different. It has all the upscale Iron Man vibes with surprising personal touches at each corner, making it the perfect fit for a creative genius. A home that inspires creativity while also allowing downtime for rest and entertainment.

Are you ready to see what I’ve come up with?

Meet Our Upscale and Moody Bachelor Pad

Spoiler alert: This isn’t your average bachelor pad. It’s time to stop envisioning pizza boxes, mismatched furniture, and posters pinned to the wall. No, my friend, this is no boy-ish teenage space. Instead, I have reinvented my client’s one-bedroom apartment into a functional space that is both jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring.

I was tasked with designing the living area, bedroom, and loft into a functional and sumptuous space. Since this bachelor loves to entertain, I knew I had to maximize every square inch to work for him and not against him. I loved that he wanted to incorporate some of his sci-fi memorabilia and his amazing PacMan machine, and it had to be carried out in an artful and sophisticated way (obviously). 

I loooove a challenge, and I think YOU are going to love what I came up with! Come take a sneak peek…

Living Room: The Inspiration and Design Choices

rterior-studio-westside-la-bachelor-pad-furnishing-inspirations-mood-board-monochromaticLiving Room Option 1

As a creative, I understand the importance of a space that inspires, and our bachelor needed just that! From the start, he knew he didn’t want a traditional dining area, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to fit in his unique PacMan machine in his non-dining space. Not only is it his distinctive style, but it provides the perfect fun pop of color in an otherwise chic and monochromatic room.

I presented our bachelor with several mood board options to choose from. You’ll notice that the overall color palette of each board encompasses primarily monochromatic colors that provide a masculine and industrial vibe, while the wood tones add the perfect texture and warmth to the space. My favorite part? Custom artwork that matches his PacMan machine! More on that later…rterior-studio-westside-la-bachelor-pad-monochromatic-mood-board-with-masculine-touches

Living Room Option 2

I continued with the same monochromatic color palette in the second option for the living room, carrying over the opulent masculinity with the furnishing choices and adding some concrete options (like the coffee table) for visual weight and texture. This really helps to give the space a relaxed industrial loft vibe that transports you directly to Stark Mansion. Scotch neat, anyone?

Everything in these main living area concepts speaks my language…and I am in love! The thing I am most excited about? I commissioned a custom PacMan piece of art from a local artist! 

This is something you’ll have to wait for the final reveal to see, and trust me…it’ll be well worth the suspense. Regardless of what option my client chooses, this custom art is going to tie the design together, and it’s going to be ahhh-mazing!

Bedroom: A Moody, Relaxed Vibe

rterior-studio-westside-la-bachelor-pad-masculine-and-restful-bedroom-inspriationBedroom Option 1

Moving over to the bedroom design, I continued the monochromatic color scheme and kept the bedroom masculine and restful. The teardrop shape of the dark pendant lights gives some softness to the space while still providing a moody vibe. The cool gray tones of the wood are perfectly inviting for a relaxing evening and make it easy to sink into bed, leaving behind the cares of the day.

rterior-studio-westside-la-bachelor-pad-bedroom-design-inspriation-with-leather-moody-feelBedroom Option 2

In the second design option, I added a leather bench at the foot of the bed, because nothing screams handsome bachelor more than a dark and moody room with a pop of genuine leather. Overall, I kept the bedroom design simple and restful because, after all, a creative genius needs a space to recharge, am I right?

Bringing The Bachelor Pad to Life

So you’ve seen all the fantastic options, and by now, I’m sure you’ve chosen your favorite… but the burning question remains. What did our bachelor end up choosing?? 

Great question. Believe me, I’m just as excited to show you the final reveal! Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing his drool-worthy space soon enough. Be sure to stay tuned, so you don’t miss all the fun!

In the meantime, if you’re ready to start designing a custom home, I would love to help bring your story, lifestyle, and dreams to life. Reach out here, and let’s get to know each other.

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