The Maestros Behind Gracie’s Exquisite Hand-painted Wallpapers

You know those stop-in-your-tracks designs you can’t stop thinking about days later? Maybe it was a room so daring you could hardly believe it belonged to someone… but you secretly wished you had the nerve to pull it off. Or maybe it was a single, standout feature that captured your attention, pulling you into warm, sunny memories of that-time-when. 

In my early days as a designer, I remember an experience like this. I was flipping through Architectural Digest, rich hues inked across glossy pages, when I saw it — a room where an ancient landscape breathed life across the walls. 

Vibrant colors faded to muted tones against a distant horizon. Exquisite details in the trees and buildings and people. It was full-scale, livable art where us modern-day beings could walk alongside the past. As a designer obsessed with telling stories, I was in love!

Who is this mystery maestro of walls that enchant and bewitch?

The maestro is none other than Gracie, an atelier that will elevate anyone’s concept of what wallpaper should be. Then, when I learned that each of their wallpapers is painted by hand, I was floored! From that moment on, I hoped I would someday get the opportunity to work with them. Little did I know my wish would come true after all…

Gracie Wallpaper in French Pastoral

Meeting the Maker: Jennifer Gracie

Fast forward to the Kaleidoscope Project and the fire that ignited inside me (BIG time!) at the idea of participating in a cause that supports BIPOC designers. This was an opportunity to be adventurous and create an experience people wouldn’t forget — and I knew that only the best would suffice. I wanted a mix of culture and history, past and present, bold color, patterns and textiles. And I remembered: Gracie.

They would be perfect!

When I reached out to owner Jennifer Gracie, I told her about the Kaleidoscope Project and how I wanted to incorporate her product into my very special room. She instantly responded and loved the mission of the showhouse! She offered her products right away, no questions asked. (THANK YOU, GRACIE!!) 

I remember thinking how incredible it is when there are kind and beautiful-hearted people behind equally beautiful products. It makes your experience with their creations so much more meaningful, don’t you think? The rest of my experience with their team lived up to this first impression and more… 


Gracie Wallpaper in Gilded Midnight / Designer: Greyscale Interiors / Photographer: Joshua McHugh

A Trip to the Gracie Wallpaper Showroom

Jennifer invited me to come out to their LA showroom to chat in-depth and work on the details, and I jumped at the chance! Wouldn’t you? (P.S. Last month, I introduced you to the benefits of designer showrooms, and Gracie’s showroom near the Pacific Design Center in West LA didn’t disappoint!) 

Of course, my experience in the Gracie showroom was nothing short of magical. I went in planning to source Gracie wallpaper for the small accent wall above the bed. I loved her designs and had an idea of which one I wanted; I just needed it in a custom color. The panels on display were gorgeous, and I had a tough time choosing; but with the eye of an artist and long experience, Jennifer helped me with that decision. 

We selected this stunning floral pattern in Sky Shimmer

During that conversation, I talked to Jennifer about the vision I had for the bathroom I was working on, and I mentioned that I was having a tough time finding something I loved. I showed her some of my inspo images. 

“You know we can do this custom for you, as well, right?” she said.

My eyes lit up. I could not believe it!! She said her son did many of the custom drawings and could help bring my vision to life. I don’t think a full second had passed before I said an emphatic, “YES!” I may even have shouted. I’m not sure… It was so exciting I can hardly remember.

I gave her a vague idea of a Mughal-inspired backdrop but not something too thematic. I mentioned some Indian monuments that could be used for inspiration, such as the Qutub Minar and Charminar, the Taj Mahal, and the royal elephants and camels. 

Perfection! I also love how the flowers help raise the visual height of the room. In design, beauty always has a purpose! (Photographer: Frank Francis)

From there, her team was extremely organized and accommodating, crafting the wallpaper behind-the-scenes in their studio and delivering it directly to Lenox, MA, home of the Cornell Inn and Kaleidoscope Project. I had seen the preliminary sketches, but seeing the wallpaper in person after it was installed was surreal — I could not believe my eyes!

Gracie Wallpaper Transforms a Bathroom into an Oasis

rterior-studio-downtown-la-gracie-handpainted-wallpaper-luxurious-bathroom-with-scenic-hand-paainted-wallpaperPhotographer: Scott Morris

A sepia backdrop is punctuated with vibrant color in the plants and the simple yet royal cast of human and animal characters. It’s a landscape so lifelike you can almost feel it moving, transporting you through time and space to an empire past. It is still amazing to me that art and design have the ability to do this… but they do. The best part? You can feel it and live it!


Photographer: Scott Morris

Look at the detail! The shadows on the camel. The Mughal prince and princess in motion. The layers of leafy foliage and brush. I also love that the scene is reflected in the mirror, making this setting feel even more immersive. 


On the other side of the bone inlay mirror (above the “throne,” of course) a palace is capped with domes, wrapped in spiral staircases, and set against rolling hills and lush palms. Ahhh… take me there! Pretty magical, am I right??

To wrap this all up, I just want to commend the Gracie team for their artistry and professionalism. I couldn’t be more grateful for their role in bringing this storybook bedroom and bathroom design to life, and I have big dreams for incorporating Gracie designs into future projects, too… 

…if their wallpaper art looks like something you might enjoy in your home, let’s chat! We’ll combine your story, aspirations, and lifestyle with design elements that feel indulgent yet functional and transport you directly to your happy place. Not just once, but day after day after day.


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