What’s it Really Like to Work with R/terior Studio?


Whether you’ve been following along for a while, or this post is your first introduction to R/terior Studio, let me begin by saying that I’m so glad you’re here…and I think you’re in for a wonderful surprise.

You see, R/terior Studio isn’t your typical design firm. We believe in reinvention and the magic of design. We live by the philosophy that more is always better. And we are adamant about the fact that the design process should be fun from the first phone call to the final, fabulous reveal.

Our goal is to make you love your home…to help you thoroughly enjoy the place you live, all while making it equal parts functional and fashionable.

A tall order? Not for us! (After all, we thrive in the midst of great design challenges and find purpose in bringing beauty to your home.)

But how do we accomplish all of this?! Great question! Which actually brings us to today’s topic…what to expect when working with our firm.

I’m pulling back the curtain, sharing every bit of insider information, and hoping that in doing so, we’ll get better acquainted with one another, taking the first step in embarking on this design journey together.

Sound good? (I thought so!) Let’s jump right in…


Core Beliefs that Guide Your Design Project

I have always believed that your home should tell your story in a way that is special and beautiful enough to manifest a fantasy and put a smile on your face every time you enter it. It should create a narrative that evolves and grows as your relationship with the space deepens.

I know that a little creativity goes a long way, and when blended with a practical approach to execution, can help bring your dream to life, no matter the scope.

At R/terior Studio, we strive for richly detailed, architecturally driven interiors layered with luxurious materials and sculptural furnishings. We believe in using imagination and opulence to transform your life for the best, no matter which service you hire us for.


Design Rooted in Lifestyle & Reinvention

Our philosophy is rooted in reinvention. I believe that the best things are born out of the need for change and the desire to rebuild. I know that who I am today is a result of the various changing paths I’ve taken, some unexpected, but all very exciting, as growth always is!

Each incarnation of myself came with experiences and challenges that shaped my outlook and approach to design, creating a philosophy of change that integrates elements from the various aspects of ourselves into a stunning mosaic of our ever-evolving lives. (You might find my blog post about family traditions and upbringing both enlightening and heartwarming.)

With this unique perspective, I strive to design spaces that are densely detailed, command attention in all the right ways, and feature the inner beauty and life paths of the people who dwell within them.


What to Expect from Our Design Process

I will be the first to admit that my design process is quite in-depth. After all, nothing worth having comes easily… am I right? You know I am. 😉

But let me also reassure you that my process doesn’t require any heavy lifting from you… all you’ll be lifting is that celebratory cocktail when your home turns out better than you could have ever imagined. Cheers!

Here’s how our process helps us express your story, from concept to “I can’t believe this is my place.”


You’ll complete a survey that helps me gather information about your project, design goals, desired aesthetic, and favorite cocktail (‘cause we’re about to be friends). This is all critical information when beginning to manifest a home that resonates deeply with you and inspires an emotional response day after day.


Next, we will discuss everything you’ve shared thus far. I’ll ask you some additional questions to help me get to the heart of your story and uncover your personal aesthetic, we’ll finalize your style and investment level, review the design process going forward, and take measurements and photographs of your space. Whew!


I will create a one-of-a-kind style board to give you a glimpse into how your new space will look and feel, followed by a bespoke space plan and overall design based on the selected color concepts, furniture choices, and finish selections. You’ll review all of this and provide me with notes or revisions. I take pride in getting the design just right (we will keep revising until it is perfect!) so that it ultimately exceeds your expectations.

STEP 4: IMPLEMENTATIONRterior-Studio_West-Hollywood-and-LA_Moody-Inspired-Interiors_What-is-it-Really-Like-to-Work-with-Rterior-Studio_Open-Concept-Living-and-Dining-Rooms-in-Luxe-Home.png

This is where the magic happens. After you’ve approved the final design concept, our design journey together can go in one of two directions…

A/ Self-Implementation: Some of our clients like to get their hands dirty when it comes to creating their spaces. If this sounds like you, I will hand over the final design, shopping list, style board, and a comprehensive plan that will serve as a do-it-yourself guide. Now it’s time for you to start (online) shopping!

B/ Turnkey Service: Most of our clients, however, want me to take the final design plan, wave my magic wand, and let them know when the space is fit for Hollywood royalty. If this sounds like your glass of wine, we will manage the project from concept to completion, taking care of every last detail for you. All you have to do is show up, walk into your newly re-designed dream space, and accept the fancy cocktail we hand you.. toasting to the room that has you drooling over every little detail, of course. 😉


Post-reveal, two additional hours of support are provided. This comes in handy when something isn’t going according to plan or you’ve changed your mind about a particular element. My job is to make sure you are head-over-heels in love with the end result. I simply won’t settle for anything less, and neither should you!

Let’s face it, though…this brief overview hardly does the process justice, so I’d encourage you to grab all the in-depth deets on the blog. These sheer attention to detail we provide from day one is jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, and definitely worth reading about.



Our Signature Aesthetic: Rich Color, Global Influence, Livable Art

The R/terior Studio style is highly curated, artsy with a sculptural overtone, and grounded in deep, meaningful color. Those of us in the design world might describe it as “modern sophisticated meets colorful maximalist.” But in everyday speak, I’d call it approachable yet editorial, functional yet luxe.

From contemporary sophistication to enchanted tropical…from relaxing retreat to professional chic, all of my spaces scream eclectic luxury, and the best way to understand them is to see for yourself. I invite you to immerse yourself in my portfolio, savoring each thoughtful detail. I guarantee the images you’ll find there will make you happy on so many levels.



R/terior Studio in the Press

Over the years, I’ve received some humbling accolades and have packaged them up in a neat little bundle for you on my website, should you care to take a look. Please, please…hold the applause! 😉

Jokes aside, I’m share this, not to brag, but because I don’t want you to just take my word for it. Hearing what working with R/terior Studio is like from other people’s perspectives might be just what you need to decide to take the leap.

Designing is a very intimate process, which is why I believe in getting to know each other well before embarking on the design journey together. That may seem daunting at first, but here at R/terior Studio, we promise to make it fun.


So, if you’re ready to reinvent your home and live in a place that fulfills your wildest dreams, let’s chat. I’d be thrilled to explore your likes and dislikes, capture your personality, and showcase your uniqueness through a curated design that captivates, inspires, and brings joy to your every day life.

Let’s discover the next incarnation of your home, together!


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