Magnificent Moodboards and Realistic Renderings: What You Need to Know

rterior-studio_west-hollywood-and-la_moody-inspired-interiors_magnificent-moodboards-and-realistic-renderings-what-you-need-to-know_paintbrushes-on-colorful-painted-backgroundAs a designer, I am both an artist and a storyteller. It is my job and my joy to weave beauty, function, and style together in a way that creates a narrative.

I am a firm believer that design is about so much more than what looks good or works well. Design is about evoking emotions. Displaying personalities. Getting people talking. Manifesting fantasies.

You see, when I design any given space, there are color stories, sumptuous textures, deep moods, daring themes, and so many other exciting and varying elements swirling around in my head. And the fun part is pulling together these seemingly dissonant ideas into a stunning symphony of livable luxury.

But getting from introductory consultation to initial concept is a dance. A back and forth…a give and take with you, the client. Which is where visuals play such a crucial role in my design process.

From moodboards to concepts to renderings of all kinds, being able to share my thoughts, ideas, and inspirations visually helps you and I get on the same page. It allows me to put everything in my head on paper in a way that makes sense to all of us…furthering the design phase, adding excitement, and bringing to life the dream home that once only existed in our imaginations.

So what are these magical visuals, you might ask? Let’s take a look…

Magnificent Moodboards

A bold yet earthy moodboard for a living room design.

As with everything in life, an interior design project has to start somewhere. In this case, that is your client intake consultation and in-depth questionnaire. Throughout this process, my carefully curated list of questions, as well as my creative angles for approaching the project all help me to parse out your needs, wants, and distant dreams.

Once I’ve gotten into your head, and understand the full scope of your project, to the drawing board I go…literally!

Rich jade, deep cerulean, and a splash of gold create a sumptuous yet lively feel.

The very first visual phase of an interior design project is creating, revising, and agreeing upon a moodboard that satisfies your needs, but also exceeds your expectations.

I usually present 2-3 moodboards per room that I am designing with enough variation to allow you considerable creative input…but also all in keeping with the concepts I have floating around in my mind. I play into what I know of psychology and try to provide a wide array of colors, textures, and styles in order to further tease out what you like, love, and could live without.

Sexy cabernet, noir, and soft pastels create a feminine space kissed by mystique.

It is at this stage in the game that the thoughts in your head meet the visions in mine, adding complexity, interest, and a sense of fun to the entire process.

After some back and forth, contemplation and reflection, we’ll come to an agreement on your moodboard of choice…which gets my wheels turning once again as I start to consider the many ways in which I plan to bring that moodboard to life in the spaces I’m designing for you.

Creative Concepts

The 1st concept proposed for our client’s foyer. A palette of neutrals feels airy and welcoming, while mossy green, brass and touches of black add depth.

Between the moment when we agree on your moodboard and the time when I actually sit down to begin designing, my ideas continue to evolve and grow. There are various changing paths in my mind that each lead to incredible, but vastly different, end results. And the best part?! Because I always present 2-3 concepts based on the selected moodboard, I get to bring each of these ideas to life. (Have I mentioned that I LOVE my job?!)

Once I am happy with all of these gorgeous creative concepts, I bring them back to you for feedback.

Here is our 2nd concept for this client’s foyer. A meeting of sand and sea, ocean-inspired hues pair with earthy neutrals for an entry that embraces.

Now, I’ll be honest…I usually like to present the premiere option upfront…the one where I go all out in an effort to make your jaw drop and happy tears flow. Why do I seek to wow you this early in the process, you might ask?! Well, I know that, no matter what, you will resist some part of a design as you spend time studying it. So, for me, it is easier to edit and peel back (from both a design and budget perspective) than it is to add later on.


Our first design concept for a client’s office and lounge. Classic shapes, art, and colors — warm neutrals, crisp black, and a muted blue — create a Mad Men-worthy vibe.

I pride myself on the fact that my designs have a very artistic approach, so I like to present my vision clearly from the get-go. Sure, there will be some “out there” elements within each concept, but that is all part of my creative expression. If you hire me, you aren’t just looking to put furniture in a room…you’re looking for an artistic touch that is unexpected, a tad quirky, and unusual enough that you can’t help but love it.

Throughout our discussions about the concepts I’ve presented, sometimes you’ll like the look, but can’t swing the price point. No problem! I thoroughly enjoy finding similar alternatives that are a bit more budget-conscious. It’s like an eccentric treasure hunt!

rterior-studio_west-hollywood-and-la_moody-inspired-interiors_magnificent-moodboards-and-realistic-renderings-what-you-need-to-know_clay-rendering-of-living-roomAnd if you are having a hard time visualizing these concepts in real-life, I now have a new tool that allows me to present you with a “clay rendering”, or a sneak peek, of the furniture placement I’m envisioning. It isn’t in color, and it doesn’t have nearly the level of detail that will appear in the next visual step of the process, but it gives you a bit of visual reassurance, especially if you are on the fence…and instills a sense of anticipation for what is to come.

Once we’ve tweaked the concept and agreed on our creative direction, I get to really bring the designs to life…just you wait!

Realistic Rendering


Here’s a rendering of the foyer concept we proposed. It’s a mix of concepts 1 and 2, and the result is inviting, refreshing, and exciting all at once!                                                                                                                                                                                                      

It is no secret that you are probably having a hard time visualizing your completed space (even if you did get that sneak peak I mentioned above…). Let’s be real…that is why you hired a designer in the first place, right?Over the years, as I’ve designed countless spaces, I’ve come to realize that in order to effectively communicate my vision, there is only so much that the moodboards, concept photos, and storytelling can do. They give a helpful glimpse into my point of view, but they don’t paint a full picture. Which is where renderings play a key role…because in order for you to buy into the design, you must also see the vision.

rterior-studio_west-hollywood-and-la_moody-inspired-interiors_magnificent-moodboards-and-realistic-renderings-what-you-need-to-know_foyer-renderingHere’s another view of the foyer (recognize the chair?). Who wouldn’t want to use this space to add a coat to their ensemble, select a chic hat and purse, and head out to take on the world??

A good, quality rendering always sells the design. This big picture visual gives you confidence, because you finally feel like you have some sort of guarantee…a promise that your space will look as good as (and in most cases, even better than) you are imagining.

It is at this point where I get to experience the sparkle in your eyes…the muffled oohs and aahs…the subconscious grinning from ear to ear. That is the best part of the entire design process for me…when you like what you see and communicate that non-verbally, which in turn tells me I am exactly on the right track! (Cue sigh of relief mixed with a hint of giddyness – since I now get to bring this vision into the real world. Yay!)

rterior-studio_west-hollywood-and-la_moody-inspired-interiors_magnificent-moodboards-and-realistic-renderings-what-you-need-to-know_office-renderingHere is the office and lounge concept brought to life. You can see how the furnishings create spaces to work or gather. You can visualize how the art and lighting add drama. And you can how the color palette creates a vibe that is soothing, sexy, and indulgent… for whichever mood strikes. 😉

I hope you’re starting to see the common thread here…it isn’t just the final reveal that I want to evoke an emotion. It is the whole process. And visuals each step of the way help to do just that.

From the very first moodboard presented to the final rendering, my artistic approach incorporates storytelling pieces into each and every room in an effort to showcase your life…your travels, your passions, your personality…in a way that is beautiful, emotional (in the absolute best way), and conversation-starting.

If you’re ready to take your far-off daydreams and turn them into a physical manifestation, let’s chat. I’d be honored to move you from initial conversation to inspired completion…allowing you to live your every day in a home that makes your heart happy.

Let’s visualize something unbelievably amazing together.


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